Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trip to Cayman Islands

Mom and Dad took our family and Brad and Shelley's family to Grand Cayman over the kids winter break. It was nice to relax on the beach and in the pool. One of the days we went swimming with the dolphins and also went to the turtle farm. Another day the girls got their hair braided and the guys rode jet skis. One night some of the friends there invited us to the beach for some volleyball, races, tug of war and jump roping and also brought a bunch of food. It was a lot of fun!! Thanks Mom and Dad for a great trip!!!
Relaxing on the beach

We stayed on the ground floor unit

Shaelyn playing in the ocean

Paxton checking out the iguana during lunch

Reading to go swimming with the dolphins

Paxton getting pushed on the boogie board by the dolphin

Waving hello to the dolphin

My turn

Paxton getting a ride on the dolphin

Johanna's turn

Touching one of the sting rays

Paxton holding a turtle

A bird on the shell of one of the turtles

The kids playing in the pool

Playing on the beach

Paxton on the boogie board

One of the awesome sunsets

The girls after they got their hair braided

The guys on the Jet Skis

Mom and Dad

The kids

Brad and Shelley


Playing volleyball on the beach at night

Paxton jumping rope

My turn

Another sunset

Paxton and Shaelyn on the beach

The kids on the beach

Brad and Shelley's family

Our family

Mom and Dad

Paxton and I

The kids again

Us again


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