Thursday, August 30, 2007

Duane & Andrea's Baby Shower - August 30th

Tonight we went over to Jobe and Mamie's house for a baby shower for Duane and Andrea.
Opening presents
Duane tearing into one
I think Duane REALLY liked this one. I think it was said that this was the only deer he would be getting this season.
We are off to Delaware to the Beach in the morning for the long weekend.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Afternoon - August 26th

Paxton and I took a little walk up the powerlines near our house. Decided to stack some rocks up along the trail. (Pictures taken with my cellphone-that is why the quality isn't all that great)

The end result.

The big helper.

The two stackers. Is he picking his nose?

August 26th - Sunday Lunch for Brad's Birthday

Went to Brad and Shelley's for lunch to celebrate Brad's birthday with Sharon(Kent is in Haiti) and George Chappell.

End of Summer Swimming

Friday afternoon was nice out so we went down to the pool for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was HOT HOT HOT yesterday so we had to go down to the pool for another afternoon of swimming. Brad and Shelley and the girls were there also.
Cone heads
Monkey in the pool
Pool fun

Altamont Convention - August 15-19th

Johanna and Paxton went out to Altamont with Bea Pikcilingis on Wednesday. I came out with Brad and Corey on Friday afternoon in time for the night meeting. We stayed at Claude and Rebekah Jacobs house during convention. It was a great time and nice to see everyone again.
The hosts in front of their house.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Lunch

Sunday we had lunch at mom and dad's house with Dan Henry, his mom and sister, Flip, Jan and Willy, George Chappell, Ellie and Ava and Michael and Jean Pocock from England.
The Pococks
Ellie and Ava
Ava, Paxton and Ellie

Daniel Aum's Graduation/ Going Away Party - August 11th

On Saturday we went to Steve and Patti Court's house for a cookout for Daniel Aum who is going to be starting college in North Carolina in a few weeks.
The food table, very yummy!!
Some of the people
Eating and talking
Looking at the chickens

Kyle Lajoie's 1st Birthday Party - August 9th

Thursday night we went to Jill and Nate's to celebrate Kyle's first birthday.
Kids playing at the chalkboard
Megan and the birthday boy
Birthday Boy
Opening presents
Lots of activity

Paxton, the new Zoo attraction

Paxton playing with some crates.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Convention Pictures - Sunday August 5th

Paxton and Matt

Group picture

Everyone that stayed at our house during convention

The many faces of Matt and Christina

Tama and Paxton

Mel and Rudonna

Sunday Afternoon - July 29th

The Berwaldt and Carolus families came over after meeting and lunch at the grounds. The kids played outside alot and the adults visited inside. Johanna's parents, Mel and Rudonna, were here also.
Hannah giving Spencer and Paxton a ride.
"Horsing" around.
Spencer, Paxton and Jeremy playing on the swingset.
Zach, Paxton, Spencer and Sam

Kids Riding Bikes

Ellie and Ava came over with their bikes.
Ellie and Ava going around the circle.
Paxton on his tricycle.