Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Family Times

Johanna's sister Karra came to visit on thursday. Johanna's parents left on Saturday to fly back home after staying here for ten days. It was nice to have them up here to help out and spend some time with them. Matt and Christina came on Sunday for a few days. They left today along with Karra to head back home.
Chillin' out
Gramma and Grampa
Gramma and Grampa with their grandkids
One smiling and one crying
Grampa and Shaelyn
Giving goodbye hugs..."Thanks for coming"
Auntie Karra
Steve, Debbie and Hannah came up to visit for the evening along with Matt and Christina who stayed for a couple of days
Uncle Matt and Paxton
I don't think this carrier is designed for a four year old!!!
Playing with Play-Doh with Uncle Matt
This is not a good sign of things to come
Auntie Christina and Shaelyn
A little bit of a smile
Uncle Matt getting his turn

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kent's 60th Birthday Party

Tonight we went down to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Dad's 60th birthday. Mom had invited a bunch of the couples their ages over for dinner and cake. Mel's birthday is the same day as Dad's so we got to celebrate his birthday as well. It was a nice time and lots of stories shared!!
The kids table
Some story telling
More stories
Dad with his cake
Mel with his cake
Paxton helping Grampa blow out his candles
Everyone had brought a baby picture and you had to try and figure out who each person was......quite challenging

More pictures

Here are some more pictures.
Proud big brother!!
The whole family
Molly Miles with Johanna and Shaelyn
Grampa holding his grand daughter
Gramma's turn
Ellie and Ava with their little cousin on Valentine's Day
Cute bow
The whole family on the bed

Monday, February 11, 2008

Coming Home

Today we brought Shaelyn home from the hospital just before lunch time. She has done great so far. We shall see how the night goes tonight.....
All buckeled into her car seat
Great Grampie with his newest great granddaughter
So serious looking
Lots of kisses for his sister
What a good big brother!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

More pictures of Shaelyn

Here are a few more pictures from yesterday......
Paxton checking out Shaelyn
Grampa with his new granddaughter.
Auntie Shelley
Ava with her new cousin
Ellie with Shaelyn
Uncle Brad
Paxton holding his new baby sister
I love her
Giving her kisses
The four of us