Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend up in Pittsburg

On friday we picked Paxton up from school and then headed up North to the Lodge for the weekend. Mom and Dad had gone up on thursday and they spent the weekend up there as well. It was a nice relaxing time. It rained some of the time but Paxton and I went out on the fourwheelers a couple of times. We built mattress forts up in the loft and went "moosing" on Saturday evening (looking for moose). We saw one while we were out along with some turkeys and mallard ducks. We also saw some wild rabbits while we were up there. We headed back Sunday afternoon and stopped to see Aunt Alice on the way back. She still looks her same perky self.
Ready to head out on the fourwheelers
Off we go
Shaelyn in the tractor with Grampa
Paxton following Grampa in the jeep by the Anderson's camp
In the mattress fort
Moose crossing the road
Reflection of the dam on First Connecticut Lake
More reflections on the Lake
Mallard ducks by the Lake
More fun in the mattress fort Sunday morning
One more ride before we left. He liked the mud puddles.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10th Anniversary in NYC

We went to New York City this past weekend for our 10th Anniversary. Mom and Dad kept the kids for the weekend. They had a blast spending the weekend at Gramma and Grampa's!! Sounds like they did lots of swimming and kept busy. We had a great time and great weather. We left on Friday in the early afternoon and came back yesterday (monday) afternoon. We did a lot of walking all over the city. Saturday we went to Canal Street, Ground Zero, Little Italy and Battery Park. Our hotel was just off of Times Square so we spent plenty of time wandering around there as well. Sunday we walked up 5th Avenue to Central Park and spent some time walking around there and relaxing in the park. There were LOTS of people enjoying the nice weather. We also checked out a street fair before going to a Cirque du Soleil show and then walking 30 blocks back to the hotel. Monday we left NYC in the late morning and drove through Newport, RI on the way home. It was a nice relaxing time.
Fountain in City Hall Park
Construction at Ground Zero
The Marines had some demonstrations and equipment set up at Battery Park. I got roped into seeing how many pull-ups I could do.
Part of "The Mall" in Central Park
In front of "The Lake" in Central Park
Boats on "The Lake"
Looking across "The Lake" in Central Park towards the Downtown part of the city
Enjoying Central Park
Lots of people on the big field in Central Park