Friday, June 19, 2009

Todd & Shanna's Wedding

Last weekend we flew to Milwaukee, WI for my cousin Todd's wedding. It was nice to see all the cousins aunts & uncles on my mom's side of the family. The wedding was on Saturday. Sunday lunch was a picnic at one of the friend's homes and then we went to a park nearby for the afternoon. Monday we went to the Zoo and then flew home monday evening.
The wedding cake
The ceremony
Cool building near where they got married
Brad and Shelley's family
Ava, Paxton and Ellie at the wedding
View from outside of the room where the wedding was
The Groom & Bride (Todd & Shanna)
Paxton & I
The Smidt family
My mom and her two sisters
With their spouses
Aunt Marilyn and her family
The eight cousins
The newly married couple ready to leave
Our family
Sunday at the picnic-This picture is a family joke. Our parents had gotten us shirts like these about 25 years ago when we were all together, so Brad decided it was time to recreate it again!!
Some of the kids at the picnic
The newly married couple at the picnic
The kids at the park
Catching up
The kids rolling down a hill at the park
Monday at the Zoo
Lions sleeping
Nice Kitty
Shaelyn (asleep) & Paxton at the Zoo
Paxton and Jaren
A Camel
The five cousins that went to the Zoo
Polar Bears
Our pilot for the flight home.
Paxton got to spend a few minutes in the cockpit before our flight home

Beach Trip to North Carolina

We went down to Salvo, NC on the Outer Banks for the last part of May/ beginning of June. We left on Friday afternoon and made it just south of Baltimore that night. Saturday morning we drove to Jack & Mary's near Richmond, VA for a late breakfast/ early lunch. We then headed on down to the beach house in NC. We shared the house with Mel, Rudonna, Karra, Tama, Shannon, Matt, Christina, Phoenix, Steve & Debbie. We had a great week. Lots of swimming in the pool at the house, went to the beach one day and lots of relaxing. Saturday we headed back to Virginia and stopped at Bob and Linda's to go swimming in their pool with the Nichols kids. We spent Saturday night with the Nichols and then headed home Sunday morning. We got home Sunday evening.
Jack & Mary
Phoenix & Shaelyn
Enjoying the pool
Grandpa getting in on the squirt gun fight
The Birthday cupcakes that Christina made for Phoenix's birthday party we had down there
Enjoying the birthday party
Grandma & Grandpa
Phoenix enjoying her cupcake
Grandpa & Phoenix
View of the sunset from the house we stayed at
Sunset picture
And another
Boardwalk from the pier near the house we stayed at
Enjoying a bottle on the beach
Discussing something with Uncle Matt
Shaelyn enjoying the beach
Brent, Shannon, Tama, Paxton & Matt at the beach
Shaelyn in the little kiddie pool
Lots of Kite Boarders and another nice sunset
The little pier that we walked down to almost every night
Debbie with Paxton, Shaelyn and Phoenix
More Kite Boarding and sunset
The Kite Boarders got some big air, it was fun to watch them
Karra and Paxton watching the kite boarders from the pier
The group minus Steve & Debbie
Phoenix, Christina & Matt
Our family
Karra, Matt, Johanna and Tama
Tama & Shannon
Shaelyn giving Phoenix a ride in her stroller
The house we stayed at for the week
At Bob and Linda's with the Nichols kids
Linda and Bob
Sunday morning breakfast at the Nichols before hitting the road for home