Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday afternoon Paxton and I headed to the Hopkinton State Fair. Johanna stayed home with Shaelyn who seemed to be a bid stuffed up and such. There was lots to see and do at the fair. We watched some guys on bikes and a skate board doing some crazy tricks on the ramps. Then we watched the Demolition Derby, always a great time watching cars get smashed up!!

Skateboarder getting some air

Upside down on a bike

Big Air

The "Superman"

Upside down again
Some Bike Trick Videos

Ready for Heat 1 of the Demo Derby

Is it bad when one car gets up underneath another?

Just a 'love tap'

Here is your picture Jed. This fireman had his overalls down, it just looked funny.

Paxton loved all the crashes

The 87 car was unbelievable. He dished out and also took a lot of punishment.

Here he goes again
Some Demo Derby Video

On Sunday after lunch we headed over to the coast. It was a beautiful clear day. We played on the rocks along the coast some, then headed into Portsmouth to walk around for a little while. Stopped at Pop Overs again for some dessert. Then stopped back by the beach before it got dark and then headed home. It was nice to be by the water and see the neat homes and shops around Portsmouth. Now it is time to get some sleep before going at it again tomorrow......

Ready to climb around on the rocks

Lots of rock to climb on

Beautiful day

Leap of faith

Paxton with a strangle hold on Shaelyn

Prescott Park in Portsmouth

The kids by the flowers

Family shot

Shaelyn on the tree branch

Looking for the ocean?

Getting a lift

Looking down one of the streets in Portsmouth

The Pop Over Sundae
Sitting on a bench in Portsmouth
A neat looking steeple in Portsmouth
At the beach at dusk
Throwing sand
One last jump for the day
Thumbs up to a fun afternoon at the coast!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Last Saturday Brad took Ellie, Ava and Paxton on a hike up Pack Monadnock. On the way down they took the auto road and got a ride in a State Police cruiser. Then on Sunday I took Ellie, Ava and Paxton on a little hike here in Milford. It was a little buggy so the kids didn't really like that part of it, but it was good to get out of the house and enjoy the summer weather.
The kids by the Cruiser

Sunday's hike

The kids on a bench next to the trail

Friday, August 22, 2008

Boat Trip

Dad, Brad, Grampie, Edgar and I went over to Portsmouth this afternoon to ride on Peter's (a business partner of Dad's) boat. It was a great day to be out on the ocean. We went to York Harbor, Maine then over to Boon Island, a small little island off the coast of Maine, to check out some seals. Then we headed to the Isle of Shoals and then back to Portsmouth. We ate supper in Portsmouth, then dessert at Pop Overs, also in Portsmouth, then headed home. Johanna took the kids to the pool this afternoon and then Paxton stayed down there till I got back from boating. Mom watched Ellie and Ava today so Paxton had a great time with them at Mom's.
The boat
Grampie, Dad, Brad and Peter
Boon Island, off the coast of Maine
Seals in the water
Beautiful day!!
Isle of Shoals
The other side of the Isle of Shoals
We passed this barge that two tug boats where towing back out to sea
Dad and Peter

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brad's Birthday

We went down to Brad and Shelley's tonight for supper with Mom and Dad and Grampie to celebrate Brad's birthday. His actual birthday is the 25th.
Shaelyn in the high chair
The Birthday Boy (crown provided by Ellie and Ava)

'Horsing around at the Pool'

Today Heather had a bunch of the Moms with kids up to her farm to do some horse back riding and swimming. Paxton really seemed to enjoy his first horse ride.
Getting ready to ride
Paxton on his horse
Shelley leading Paxton's horse
Off they go
Heather with Brody and Paxton on the horse that Brody rode
Ready to go down the slide into the pool
Down you go!!
Nap time
Kids in the pool