Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This and That

The other day Shaelyn was playing in her crib after her nap and Paxton wanted to get in and play too.

Last Saturday Al and Stephanie invited us down to their place for supper and the evening.
Jack came up for a quick visit this past weekend and left today to go back to D.C. It was nice to see him again.

Today Paxton had Colby over after school. They had a great time playing together and even had a pillow fight with Jack!!

Thin Ice

These were a result of the wind blowing the snow off the top of the posts on the deck and then freezing.

Shoveling The Deck

Paxton helped shovel the deck off a week ago last Sunday. He asked if he could shovel it off, so we went out and found that there was a nice hard layer of crust under the new fresh fluffy snow, so that made the job a bit harder than anticipated.
Getting started

This is FUN!!

Falling down on the ice under the snow

Friday, January 9, 2009

Paxton's Winter School Program

Tonight was Paxton's Christmas Program at school. It was delayed a couple of weeks because of the ice storm and holiday break. The kids all did a great job.
Brody and Paxton with their teacher
Colby's class
The kindergarteners ready to file in
Paxton on his way in
Brody and Paxton's class
Singing their songs
Grampie and Joan with all of the grandkids that were there(minus Shaelyn)
Grampie and Joan
Some video of the program
Another video

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Johanna's Birthday

Yesterday was Johanna's birthday. To celebrate Brad and Shelley's family and Mom and Dad and us went to Olive Garden for supper.
Paxton watching Ava play her DS

Trip South - Part 2

The Sunday between Christmas and New Years we went to meeting in the morning, came back to Johanna's folk's place for lunch and then went to meet up with Johanna's cousin and his family for supper that night. Monday evening Paxton, Johanna, Tama, Shannon and I went to Celebration Station. It had go-carts, batting cages, arcade, etc. We had a fun time!! Tuesday was really nice so we played outside and went for a walk. That evening we all went to Tanglewoods, which is a park that they decorate with lights for the holidays. It was neat to see all the different displays. Wednesday evening some of the friends came over to help see the New Year in. There were lots of goodies to eat and there were even some fireworks to light off!! It was a chilly evening, but fun none the less. Thursday was spent lazing around. Thursday night, Matt, Christina and Phoenix came. So Friday was spent hangin' out at the house with them. Saturday morning we headed home and spent the night in NY before finishing the journey Sunday morning. It was good to get back home after a long, fun, relaxing vacation. Thanks again Pipgras' for letting us come and stay with you for a week and a half!!!
Shaelyn with Kylie
Johanna's cousin Tim and his wife Kim
Tama and Shannon in their go-carts
Tama in the batting cage
Shannon's turn
My turn
Johanna's turn
Paxton on the Motorcycle game
Throwing the ball around on Tuesday
Big Brother-Little Sister
Grandpa enjoying the nice weather
Shaelyn playing with the ball
Ready to go for a walk
One of the displays at Tanglewoods
Another one. Most of the pictures of these turned out blurry.
Shaelyn being goofy
New Years eve snacks!!!
Paxton and Mommy on New Years eve
Shaelyn and Mommy
Shaelyn with Ray (Shannon's dad)
All bundled up to go outside and watch fireworks
Recovering on New Years Day
Paxton helping Tama with her basket
Matt and Phoenix
The three cousins
Grandpa with his two grand daughters
Heading home