Friday, March 27, 2009

Shaelyn's New Found Talent

Tonight Shaelyn discovered a whistle that Paxton had lying around and put it in her mouth and started whistling with it. She was crawling all over the place with it and whistling the whole time. It was pretty funny watching her.

Dinner Guests

Tonight Paxton's teacher and her husband came over for supper and the evening. Paxton had wanted her to come over so he asked her and she said they would. After supper we took a walk and then came back and had dessert and played a game of Trouble.
Paxton's teacher and her husband

Baby Shower for Paxton's Teacher

Today they had a surprise baby shower at school for Paxton's teacher. The kids all brought in little gifts for her and they cupcakes and snacks.
Some of the goodies
The kids
Paxton's teacher opening her gifts

Higher Education

Paxton has enjoyed looking at Calvin & Hobbs books recently.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ava's Birthday Parties

Last tuesday for supper we went to Brad and Shelley's with Mom and Dad to celebrate Ava's 7th Birthday. Yesterday she had a Mad Science Birthday Party with all the kids. What a fun time!!
Grampa with the four grandkids
Opening presents
The four cousins
Singing Happy Birthday
Ava with some of her friends at the Mad Science Party
The kids watching the Mad Scientist
Ava with the Mad Scientist
The Mad Scientist
Making slime
Stirring the slime
Grampa with Shaelyn
Shaelyn with Uncle Brad
Blowing out the candles


Jen, Liam and Weston came for a visit last wednesday afternoon. The kids had a great time playing together inside and outside. Thanks for coming to visit!!
Liam, Weston and Paxton in the tent
Playing in the basement
Liam and Paxton
Big wrestling match

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Think Spring

Today's lunch was the first meal on the deck. It was soooo nice outside today. We spent a good share of the afternoon relaxing outside. Ellie and Ava came over for a few hours this afternoon to play. It would be nice to think that the warmer weather is here to stay but I think that is probably wishful thinking. We'll take what we can get for now.
Lunch on the deck
Relaxing in the lounge chair
Enjoying the nice weather
What is wrong with this picture?
Lovin' being outside

Train Show and Boston

Saturday Paxton and I went to a model train show at the High School in Milford. It was really neat to see the different setups that people had. Saturday evening we went down to Boston to meet up with Johanna's cousin that was there for a trade show.
Some of the smaller scale trains
Some of the neat scenes
Farm scene
One of the larger scale trains
The big track setup in the gym
Another of the larger scale trains
Working saw mill
Another train
Paxton playing with some of the toy trains
Lots of kids
Johanna's cousin Phil that we met up with in Boston
Phil and Johanna

Aidan's Birthday Party

Friday evening was Aidan's 3rd Birthday Party.
Opening presents
More presents
Ready to sing Happy Birthday
The whole family

Beach Day!!

Friday was Beach Day at school so the kids got to bring in their beach towels, flip flops, shorts and tee shirts. Johanna helped decorate on thursday after school and was there on friday for the festivities. Sounds like they had a lot of fun!!
Playing games
Story time
More games
Brody and Paxton's class