Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread House

Yesterday Johanna went in to Paxton's class to help the kids make gingerbread houses. Paxton was really excited to have her in class with him.
Getting a story read to them before making the gingerbread houses
Ready to get started
Busy decorating
Paxton with his teacher
Thanks mom for coming in and helping!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last Saturday morning we did a little bit of sledding on the little hill behind the house. Shaelyn liked it until her and Paxton wiped out riding down on the tube together. Neither one was hurt but Shaelyn glove came off and her hand got wet and cold so she headed inside. The wind was blowing pretty hard which made it colder. Paxton and I had fun for a while longer, then played some street hockey outside.
Ready to go

Paxton ready to go on the tube

Paxton and Shaelyn (she isn't to sure about that)

A few seconds before the wipeout

First Snow of the Season

A week ago last Saturday night/ Sunday morning we got our first real snow of the season.
Paxton had to go outside first thing when he woke up and check out the snow
Heading back inside to get some warmer clothes on
Snow on the bushes
Cool pattern from the front walk

View looking out the back


Sunday after Thanksgiving Keith and Julie came by in the afternoon for a little visit. It was nice to see them again.
Keith and Julie
Shaelyn and Julie

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving - Part 2

On Thanksgiving Day we went down to Mom and Dad's house to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. It was just the six of us, but we had had our big family meal the saturday before. It was a nice relaxing low key day. After lunch Dad and I went for a ride around while Shaelyn took a nap and Paxton played and read books. Then we went down to Leighton and Judy's for supper with their family. Paxton had fun playing with the "big boys" (Austin, Broson and Stefan). Today Paxton wanted to play hockey so we went out to lunch with Grampa and then got a floor hockey stick and ball. When we got home we backed the cars out of the garage (because it was raining outside) and played hockey. He had played with the boys last night and really liked it so he was pretty bent on playing today. I am sure we will have to play again tomorrow!!
Shaelyn and Grampa listening to something on the computer
Playing hockey in the garage
And he SCORES!!
Shaelyn watching the hockey game in the garage

Thanksgiving - Part 1

Last Saturday we went down to Uncle Roger's barn for our Chappell Thanksgiving feast. There were about 55 of us there. It was nice to all be together. Of course there was LOTS and LOTS of food and desserts!!
Looking down the table
Some of the younger crowd tables
Singing a hymn
ENGAGED - Kelly and Tucker - Congratulations!!!!!

Mom's Birthday Surprise

Last Friday night we were to go out to eat with my parents and Brad and Shelley's family for my mom's birthday. Dad had flown her two sisters up to surprise her. They were at the restaurant when she got there. She was totally surprised!!! It was nice that they could be together for the weekend.
Waiting for mom to get there
What are they doing here!?!
Mom and her sisters
A little gag gift - Steel Toed Boots!! Maybe those will keep her feet SAFE!! :-)

This will catch you up quick!!

Sorry for the loooong delay between posts. We are still alive and kickin' here!! Let's see, we'll catch you up quick on some of the highlights of the last couple of months. Johanna's parents were here for a couple of weeks back in October. They were here for Pumpkin Festival weekend which was a little chilly but still fun to get out and see all the activities. Then there was Fall Fun Weekend and Halloween. Paxton had a little halloween parade at his school which was fun to see all the kids in their costumes. So that is some of the things that have gone on in the last couple of months along with school and work, etc. Here are a few pictures to give you a visual:
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit
Paxton at his halloween parade at school
Grampa and Shaelyn watching the parade
The "hippie" family

Monday, September 28, 2009

Paxton's 6th Birthday

Last Thursday night we had Paxton's birthday party down at the professional building. He has been obsessed with magic lately so we found this magician to come and perform at his party. He did a great job and Paxton and the rest of the kids liked him a lot. Shelley made his top hat cake (thanks again on a great job!!). We had our family for Sunday lunch to celebrate his actual birthday.
The black top hat cake
Being a goof ball before the party
Ready for the party
The magician ready to start his show
The kids enjoying the show
Paxton being an assistant
Put the red cloth, the blue cloth and the white cloth into the "magic" bag and.....
then pull this out!!!!
Take a bow
The audience
Ready for the final trick....making flowers appear in this vase
Paxton and the Magician with his cake
Singing Happy Birthday
Opening presents
Sunday Birthday Party

Monday, September 7, 2009


Yesterday afternoon Paxton and I made a little fire pit down the hill next to the garage. Then we set up the tent. We had a little fire in the fire pit and roasted some marshmallows. Johanna and Shaelyn sat around the fire with us. They went inside when it was time to go to bed while Paxton and I spent the night in the tent. We read a couple of stories in the tent before we went to bed. It was a fun time and a nice cool night for tenting. The nice thing was it was a short walk to breakfast and the comforts of home!! Now it is back to school and work tomorrow.
Sitting around the camp fire
Shaelyn enjoying the fire
Paxton and daddy
Roasting a marshmallow
Mommy and Shaelyn
Shaelyn and daddy
Paxton enjoying the fire
Ready to get in the tent and go to bed
All settled in for the night