Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Latest Goings On

Last Thursday night we had Mom and Dad and Brad & Shelley's family for supper to celebrate Dad's birthday and also Shelley's. Then Friday night we all went down to Mom and Dad's for supper because my cousin Jeff and his wife and kids were at Mom and Dad's for the weekend. Saturday Paxton and I went back to Mom and Dad's to take the kids in the RTV and do some sledding. In the afternoon Jeff, Ashling and the kids came up to our place for a couple of hours. Paxton had fun with their kids. Sunday evening we went up to Jobe and Mamie's with Kevin and Jody and kids. Paxton is off from school this week so I took Monday off to do something fun with him. We all went ice skating(Johanna and Shaelyn were spectators), bowling and then ate at Texas Roadhouse (his favorite place to eat). We also went and watched soccer that evening.
Dad & Shelley
Grampa with the grandkids
Friday night at Mom & Dad's -
Paxton & Shaelyn
Timothy and Paxton playing with Uncle Brad
Paxton and Ava looking for Waldo
Saturday - Benjamin driving the RTV
Ready to go for a ride
Timothy driving the RTV
Benjamin loved the tube
Timothy prefered the swingset
Benjamin loving the snow
Benjamin, Jeff, Ashling and Timothy
Timothy and Paxton
Monday - Ready to go Ice Skating
Off we go...
Taking a break and getting a ride in the chair
This is fun
More skating
Now for some bowling
Daddy's turn
The bowling Champion
Havin' a good time
They had free face painting at Texas Roadhouse

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Busy Times

Last Tuesday night was Girls Night Out. Wednesday Johanna's parents headed home. Thursday night I(Brent) had a meeting in Concord and Johanna took Paxton to register for First Grade. Paxton thought that that meant he was done with Kindergarten and that the next day he would start First Grade. Sorry bud, that isn't quite how it works!! Friday night Johanna took the kids to Ethan's birthday party and I went with Brad, Kevin and Jobe to the Monarch's hockey game. Saturday we spent the day cleaning out bedrooms and organizing things. We have moved Shaelyn into Paxton's room right next to ours, so we have a lot more room in our room now that the crib isn't in there. Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day!!
Paxton and Shaelyn with Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma and Shaelyn
Taking a bath in the new laundry sink - Crazy hairdo
Big Spike
Wearing my hat
Get this off my head!!
Happy Girl
All dressed up Sunday Morning
Trying to do my hair

Monday, February 9, 2009

Shaelyn's First Birthday Party!!!

Today was Shaelyn's birthday. We decided to have a small birthday party for her this year so we had Brad and Shelley's family, Mom (Dad was away), Grampie and Joan and Mel and Rudonna for supper and a little party. Shaelyn was very excited to see her new dolls and other toys and to DIG into the cake!! Hard to believe she is a year old already.

The supper crew

Ready to eat

Singing Happy Birthday

Eating cake

Excited to open presents

A stroller
Fun toys and clothes
A doll, she really seems to like dolls
Playing with her new doll
Happy Birthday Shaelyn!!!!

Video of Shaelyn eating cake

New Laundry Room Cabinets

We finally got cabinets and countertop for our laundry room. It will be nice to have places to put things in there now.


Here are a couple of pictures of Shaelyn recently.
"Playing" the piano
All dressed up
Walking holding onto her cart