Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Deck

We had a deck put on the back of our house this fall. It is almost done, just a few more screws to put in the decking. There is still painting to do to the trim pieces in the spring and some more landscaping to do, but at least we can use the deck now that it is getting COLD!! Here are a few pictures of its current state:
Behind the garage. Still need to finish leveling this out and adding a planting bed along wall on left and stone drip edge at garage and then mulch.
View from new deck
Need to loam and seed this area in the spring and finish up stone retaining wall.


Today Dad and I and Paxton spread some mulch between the two retaining walls behind the garage and also on the banking next to the garage. It was good to get that part of the project done. At least that should help keep things from washing out so much.
Shaelyn in the excavator with daddy...
She didn't last to long. I guess machinery isn't her thing.
Paxton on the other hand.....
Hand fun going back and forth and digging and swinging around

Friday, November 28, 2008


We were at Uncle Roger's barn for Thanksgiving yesterday. There were 42 of us there. Not quite all of the family but we had some extras to help fill up the table. It was really nice to all be together. In the afternoon we went over to the Hampshire Dome and played some soccer, football and kickball. Some of the ladies walked around on the track while the others played. It was a good day with lots of good food and fun times.
The main table all set up
The "little kids" table
People eating
The "big kids" table
Paxton relaxing after eating
Brad and Shelley's family
Johanna (with pink eye) and Brent
Charlotte and Matt
Corey and Jananne
Uncle Ivan, Kelly and Yasmin
Clinton, Doreen and Naomi
Aunt Bonnie and Jill
Heather and Uncle Roger
Gramma and Grampa with Shaelyn
Kevin and Jody
Aunt Norma and Uncle Ivan
Playing flag football in the Dome
Yasmin and Jananne walking around the track
The kids playing kickball
Shaelyn tired out after a big day
Ellie, Breanna, Braden, Ava and Paxton

Football Girl

Paxton put this on Shaelyn the other day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Miss Behaving

Shaelyn got into one of her baskets of clothes today. She was so proud of herself.

Pilgrims and Indians

Friday Paxton had an early Thanksgiving Party at school. Braden's class were Pilgrims and Paxton and Brody's class were Indians. They sang a couple of songs and then had a feast consisting of Stone Soup, Rolls and Pumpkin or Apple Pie. It was neat to see all the kids together. Johanna had gone in that morning to help set up.
Paxton's classroom before the festivities began.
The tables all set up.
Pilgrims and Indians singing
Eating their feast
The Indian still recovering from Pink Eye
Daddy and Shaelyn came to watch
Mommy with her Indian
Brody, Braden and Paxton

Gramma's Birthday Party

Thursday evening Mom and Dad came over for supper along with Brad and Shelley's family to celebrate Mom's Birthday. Shelley and Johanna fixed a delicious meal and Dad had brought a chocolate cake. We had a fire in the fireplace and the kids had fun playing together.

Pink Eye

Wednesday morning Paxton woke up with his eye swollen almost shut. Johanna took him to the doctor and it was Pink Eye. So he got some medicine that should clear it up.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shaelyn starts to crawl!!

Shaelyn started crawling this evening. We'll really have to keep track of her now!! It was rainy off and on today so we stayed inside and went through some stuff in the basement while the kids played. Kevin and Jody and the kids came over for supper and the evening. We had a fire in the fireplace. Then while we were sitting around in the living room, we put the cell phone with music playing on the floor and Shaelyn crawled over to it and would play with it. That kept us entertained for a while. She would get mad when the music would stop or you took the phone away from her.
Paxton giving Shaelyn a ride around the basement
Paxton thought she needed some things to keep her occupied
Uh....I think you are a little to big for that
Jody and Kevin
Braden and Paxton playing the Lego Racers game
Shaelyn crawling toward the cell phone

Video of Shaelyn crawling