Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treating

Tonight we met up with some of the other kids over at Duane and Andrea's to go trick or treating in their neighborhood. It was a nice evening and lots of candy was collected. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
Ready to go

All the kids(minus Paxton)

Paxton, Brody and Braden

Fall Weekend Get Together

This past weekend a bunch of families got together at Kevin and Jody's. Claude and Rebekah stayed with us for the weekend. Friday night was supper at Kevin and Jody's. Saturday we went back to their house for breakfast and spent most of the day there playing games and talking. The kids got to go outside after the rain stopped. Saturday night was a potluck/ trick or treating/ haunted house at Roger and Bonnie's barn. Then a hayride and fireworks after that. Sunday was lunch at Brad and Shelley's, then the guys took the kids for a walk in the woods while the ladies had a baby shower for Sandy Zal and their new baby Sawyer. Was a fun weekend.

Let the weekend begin!!

Guys sitting around chatting

Paxton and his buddy Claude

Ladies sitting around chatting.

Dave, Sandy and Sawyer Zal

James and Laura

Kids rode Tonka Trucks down the hill at Kevin and Jody's. Paxton and Colby racing.

That was a fun ride!!!

The three Crayons.

Linn and Kaylise





The Klinetobes

Rebekah and Claude

Ava, Calista, Breanna and Ellie





Is that a mad Crayon?!?

Katie and Nate


Ladies at the baby shower on Sunday at Brad and Shelley's

The guys coming back from the hike in the woods

The girls on the deck watching the guys coming back.

All the kids in the back of the RTV. They really liked that!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Drive

After lunch we went for a drive to check out the fall foliage. We went by the Trebuchet, the contraption that they use to throw 10 lb. pumpkins 1500-2000 feet. We got there just before they threw one, the thing is amazing!! It was a great day for a drive.
All loaded and ready to fire.
And FIRE!!
Cool little electric car
The castle they aim at. The pumpkins go way beyond it tho.
Looking from the castle back at the launcher
Pretty cool machine

The Circus

Saturday night a bunch of us went to the Circus in Manchester. Brad and Shelley and their kids, Kevin and Jody and their kids, Mamie and her kids and Kelly. The kids had a great time (Paxton wasn't very fond of the Dragon that they brought out).

Let's get started!!

Ellie, Breanna and Ava
The Three Clowns!!
Kelly, Mamie and Molly
The elephants
SEVEN dirt bikes in the cage!!!
WOW, I can't believe it!!
Having a good time
Kevin and Jody
Brad and Shelley
The kids

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday afternoon hike

Paxton and I hike up Pack Monadnock this afternoon. It was a nice cool fall day. Apparently a lot of people had the same idea. It was great hiking weather. The view from the top was amazing!! You could see all the way to Boston!! They have a lookout tower at the top so you can get an even better view. We decided to walk down the auto road on the way back. Paxton fell asleep on the way home and had a nice little nap.

Just starting on the hike.

King of the Rock
It is HARD work holding this rock up!!
Climbing around on the rocks.
Cool little seat!!
Up at the top of the lookout tower.
Nice view!!