Friday, July 17, 2009

Visitors from Virginia

Laura and her four kids, Savannah, Harrison, Ethan and Moriah came a week ago last Wednesday and left the next Tuesday. We had a great time with them and seemed to pack a lot of stuff into the time they were here. Thursday night was a potluck for Kari and Larry who are moving to Georgia. Friday afternoon we drove up to the White Mountains and checked out The Basin. The kids had fun playing in the river and climbing on the rocks. The water was FREEEEEZING cold!! Saturday was work day down at the convention grounds and then that afternoon we swam at Mom and Dad's pool with some of the other friends and had a cookout. Sunday we packed a lunch and headed over to the coast after meeting. We went to the beach for a little bit and then drove into Portsmouth and grabbed a dessert at Popovers before heading back home for gospel meeting at the convention grounds Sunday evening. Monday the kids went down to the pool and then we went to softball Monday evening. They headed home Tuesday morning. Paxton had a great time playing with the kids. Thanks for coming to visit!!
All the kids at The Basin
The Basin
The river up above The Basin
Laura and Johanna
Moriah and Paxton
Shaelyn exploring
Playing in the river
The Basin from above
Playing on the rocks
Giving Shaelyn a lift
Laura, Shaelyn and Johanna relaxing on the rocks down below
The boys playing in the river
Cool scenery
Taking a break
That will toughen your feet up!!
More playing on the rocks
At the beach
Diggin' in the mud
They are probably thinking, 'do we have to keep standing next to each other for pictures?'