Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Weekend

The weekend has come and almost gone already. The summer just seems to fly by. Friday night Rick and Kimberly and the kids stayed with us again on their way back home from their trip up to Maine. Saturday afternoon was my Boss's annual summer party. Sunday afternoon was Shelby's Birthday party. Tomorrow is back to work.....
Caroline, Lilian and Paxton
Is it all going to fit? YES, even the newly purchased weed wacker!!
The kids getting a little more play time in before they left
Riding the fourwheeler
Daddy and Shaelyn
Thanks for coming to visit!!
Paxton playing with Zachery at my work's summer party
Shelby's birthday party
Shelby opening her presents
Shaelyn giving some smiles
Paxton, Ethan and Brody playing on the rock

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sunday Rick, Kimberly, Caroline and Lilian went with us to Brad & Shelley's for lunch and playing. The kids had a great time together. Rick and Kimberly stayed with us this weekend for the wedding. Sunday evening they headed to Maine for some vactioning.
Shaelyn discovered her feet
The kids rode the zip-line after lunch
Auntie Shelley and Shaelyn
The girls put on a "Performance"
The girls had dressed up Missy the dog
Rick, Kimberly, Caroline and Lilian
Shaelyn holding her toy in her sleep

Nate & Katie's Wedding

Saturday was Nate and Katie's wedding.
All ready for the ceremony
Waiting for the bride
Here comes the bride
Saying their "I do's"
"The Kiss"
Mr. & Mrs. Nate Ball
Some of Nate's relatives
The bridesmaids and flower girl
The groomsmen
Kyle & Jill
The tables set up for supper
The cake
The kids playing in the Jeep
Braden, Shelby, Brody & Paxton in the truck
Brad, Shelley, Ellie and Ava
Getting ready to throw the garter
Ready to throw bouquet
Colby ready to throw some birdseed
Getting pelted with birdseed
The send off crowd
Off they go!! Congrats Nate and Katie!!!
Jody & Jill
Paxton, Caroline & Lilian wrestling and pillow fighting Saturday evening

More N.C. Trip pictures

Here are some pictures from the rest of the trip in North Carolina.
Paxton & Shannon bowling on Wii
Tama & Paxton on the trampoline
Helping Grandma clean out the trash barrel
Grandpa talking a walk up the driveway
Made it!!
Grandma workin' in the yard
Smilin' Shaelyn
Uncle Matt & Paxton playing the OLD gameboy
Shaelyn, Paxton & Lindsey
Grandpa with Phoenix
Shaelyn & Karra
The two goofballs
Paxton holding Phoenix
Shaelyn, Grandma & Paxton
Back home again with Nikki who rode home with Johanna to help with the kids and then flew back to N.C. THANKS AGAIN NIKKI!!!