Monday, September 28, 2009

Paxton's 6th Birthday

Last Thursday night we had Paxton's birthday party down at the professional building. He has been obsessed with magic lately so we found this magician to come and perform at his party. He did a great job and Paxton and the rest of the kids liked him a lot. Shelley made his top hat cake (thanks again on a great job!!). We had our family for Sunday lunch to celebrate his actual birthday.
The black top hat cake
Being a goof ball before the party
Ready for the party
The magician ready to start his show
The kids enjoying the show
Paxton being an assistant
Put the red cloth, the blue cloth and the white cloth into the "magic" bag and.....
then pull this out!!!!
Take a bow
The audience
Ready for the final trick....making flowers appear in this vase
Paxton and the Magician with his cake
Singing Happy Birthday
Opening presents
Sunday Birthday Party

Monday, September 7, 2009


Yesterday afternoon Paxton and I made a little fire pit down the hill next to the garage. Then we set up the tent. We had a little fire in the fire pit and roasted some marshmallows. Johanna and Shaelyn sat around the fire with us. They went inside when it was time to go to bed while Paxton and I spent the night in the tent. We read a couple of stories in the tent before we went to bed. It was a fun time and a nice cool night for tenting. The nice thing was it was a short walk to breakfast and the comforts of home!! Now it is back to school and work tomorrow.
Sitting around the camp fire
Shaelyn enjoying the fire
Paxton and daddy
Roasting a marshmallow
Mommy and Shaelyn
Shaelyn and daddy
Paxton enjoying the fire
Ready to get in the tent and go to bed
All settled in for the night

Dirt-y Boy

Friday we had some dirt delivered to the house so we can finish off some more of the yard. Paxton had so much fun playing on the piles when he got home from school. He didn't like having to get hosed off with the COLD water before he came inside. Now the piles are spread out so the fun is over, but it was good while it lasted!!
Oh yeah!! Let's get dirty!!!
Nice feet
Shaelyn watching Paxton......
slide down the dirt pile
Would you like a hug mommy?

Getting Home from 1st Day of School

Shaelyn watching for the bus to bring Paxton home
Getting off the bus
A successful first day!!
All ride the same bus: Ava, Breanna, Paxton, Ellie and Braden