Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread House

Yesterday Johanna went in to Paxton's class to help the kids make gingerbread houses. Paxton was really excited to have her in class with him.
Getting a story read to them before making the gingerbread houses
Ready to get started
Busy decorating
Paxton with his teacher
Thanks mom for coming in and helping!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last Saturday morning we did a little bit of sledding on the little hill behind the house. Shaelyn liked it until her and Paxton wiped out riding down on the tube together. Neither one was hurt but Shaelyn glove came off and her hand got wet and cold so she headed inside. The wind was blowing pretty hard which made it colder. Paxton and I had fun for a while longer, then played some street hockey outside.
Ready to go

Paxton ready to go on the tube

Paxton and Shaelyn (she isn't to sure about that)

A few seconds before the wipeout

First Snow of the Season

A week ago last Saturday night/ Sunday morning we got our first real snow of the season.
Paxton had to go outside first thing when he woke up and check out the snow
Heading back inside to get some warmer clothes on
Snow on the bushes
Cool pattern from the front walk

View looking out the back


Sunday after Thanksgiving Keith and Julie came by in the afternoon for a little visit. It was nice to see them again.
Keith and Julie
Shaelyn and Julie