Friday, December 28, 2007

First Time Skiing!!

Friday afternoon, Paxton, Grampa(Kent) and I went up to Crotched Mountain about a half hour from our house. We got half day passes. It was Paxton's first time to go skiing. We went up and down the beginner slope a few times and then tried to get him a lesson. Little Mr. Grumpy did not want to cooperate so that didn't work out. We stayed on the beginner slope for a while longer and then came home. All in all I think he had a good time and next time we will try a lesson at the beginning of the day when the energy level is a little higher.
Ready to go!!
Here we come
That was fun!!
Ready for my lesson. NOT!!!

Video of Paxton skiing

Christmas Day

We went down to Brad and Shelley's for lunch with Shelley's parents and Kent and Sharon and Naomi Nicholson. After lunch most everyone went outside to do some sledding, snowboarding and snowmobiling. It was a really nice day and lots of fun.
Ready for sledding
Three generations; Brent, Paxton and Kent
The kids
Paxton and I
Ellie on her snowboard
Debating the best way to hook up the sleds to the snowmobileVideo of Paxton sledding

Video of Brad getting pulled on his snowboard behind the snowmobile

More Sledding

On monday Paxton and I did some more sledding with Hannah behind our house.
Ready for round II
There goes Hannah
Here you go...

Video of Paxton sledding....nice wipeout at the end

Video of me sleddingVideo of Paxton...another good wipeout at the end

Video of Paxton going off the jump

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Fun

Hannah Berwaldt came up for the weekend so Paxton wanted to go sledding with her. Then later in the afternoon Hannah, Paxton and I went snowmobiling with Brad and Ava.
Paxton and Hannah ready to go sledding
Tinker Toy airplane
The goofball
Ready to go snowmobiling

Winter Pictures

Here are some pictures taken recently.
Turkeys in the snow
Icicles outside the window
More icicles
Looking out the back of the house
Snow on the retaining walls
Nice smooth snow
Piles of snow by the garage
I guess it is winter now
Snow on the trees

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Paxton's Holiday Performance

Tonight Paxton had his holiday program at school. Braden, Brody and Lilly were also in his group. Ava and Calista also had their performance tonight as well. Very interesting to hear 3, 4 and 5 year olds sing!! They all did good. Paxton seemed to feel the need to stand up during part of the performance and look around. It was neat to see all the kids dressed up and singing(yelling) their hearts out!!
Getting all the kids in their places
Paxton standing up during the performance. Braden is the second from right and Brody is on the far left.
The three boys after their performance
Ava and Calista's group
Grampie with his great grandsons
Paxton with his teacher, Ms. Stott

Video of part of the program. Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Snowstorm

It started snowing early this morning and snowed all day. Meetings were cancelled. We went down to mom and dad's for lunch with Brad and Shelley's family and Mark Chung who is here for a few days on business. Jed came over also and we ended up staying down there for the afternoon. Then it was time to clean up from the storm.
Looking out the living room window a little before 8am this morning.
Snowing HARD!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

More fun in the snow!!

Today Paxton & I went down to Brad & Shelley's to go sliding with Brad, Ellie and Ava. Then we pulled the kids in sleds behind Brad's snow mobile. After lunch I pulled Brad on his snow board behind the snow mobile around the field. Then we did a little bit of snow shoeing. Now we have a fire going in the fireplace. We shall see what the next snow store brings. It is supposed to start late tonight I guess.
Ellie ready to go.
Here comes Paxton
Ava's turn
We HAD to build a jump!! Ava's turn to go off it. I guess it helps to close your eyes!! :)
Brad and Ellie
Paxton bracing for take-off!!
Snow shoeing
Dad, can you pick up my pole?

Video of Brad's successful run standing on the sled going down the hill

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cozy Sunday Evening Fire

We had a nice fire in the fireplace this evening while it was snowing outside.
Up close
Can you feel the heat?

Snowball Fight

I forgot to put this picture on the post from last night. Paxton and Uncle Brad having a snowball fight.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Work & Play on Saturday

We cut a couple of trees down in the backyard today and added to the brush pile we had already started. Brad came by with Ellie and Ava and Paxton wanted to join them. Brad pulled them all over the field on sleds behind the RTV. Then they went back to Brad and Shelley's and played outside for a few more hours. After that we lit the bon fire and Dad and Mom, Brad and Shelley and their kids, Grampie and Jobe and Mamie and their kids came over. We hung out by the fire for a little bit and then went inside for spaghetti supper. The kids had a great time playing together. A good fun day!! Now it is time for BED!!!
Hooking the sleds up to the back of the RTV
And they are off!!
Picking up the brush from the trees we cut down
Bon Fire!!!
Mamie, Dad, Grampie and Jobe enjoying the heat from the fire.
Grampie even got a turn getting pulled on the sled!!!
Dad and Grampie
Mamie, Ellie, Brad, Dad, Paxton and Shelley by the fire

Video of Ellie, Ava and Paxton getting pulled behind the RTV