Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun Times Outside

The weather has been nice the last couple of days so Paxton has spent a lot of time outside. He loves riding his Razor Scooter around the driveway. Shaelyn likes being outside too. We took her out the other day with her little cart that she pushes around and she had a great time walking all around the driveway with it. She won't walk on her own yet but likes walking with that cart. Yestersday Breanna and Braden stayed at our house after school until we went to Kevin and Jody's for supper. Braden and Paxton rode their scooters from our house all the way to Kevin and Jody's while Breanna and I walked with them. Everyone was a little tired by the time we got there but they had enough energy to place outside for a while until it got dark. Fun times!!
Shaelyn wrestling with Paxton
Fun times outside
Love this weather
Paxton giving Shaelyn a ride on his fourwheeler

Everyone having fun
Shaelyn walking with her cartPaxton on his scooter

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sunday we went to Brad & Shelley's for lunch with Mom & Dad and the Kilgore's. The kids had fun looking for eggs out in the yard after lunch. Sunday evening Brad & Shelley and the girls came for supper and the kids played outside until it got dark.
Ready to eat
The kids ready to go hunt for some eggs
The search is on..
make sure you look EVERYWHERE!!
even in the woods
Ava, Paxton and Josh playing a card game

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dye-ing for some eggs

Johanna and Paxton dyed some eggs the other week. Shaelyn kept busy rearranging the cereal cabinet.


Last weekend Claude and Rebekah came and spent the weekend with us. We had a great time. Saturday morning we went to Parkers Maple Barn for breakfast. Saturday evening Mom and Dad kept the kids for us and the four of us went to a Japanese Steakhouse where they cook in front of you. That was fun. Sunday afternoon Brad and Shelley came over and stayed for supper along with Claude and Rebekah. It was a great weekend, lots of eating and laughing. Thanks for coming!! (These are all Claude and Rebekah's pictures-we didn't have our camera with us)

Paxton woofing down his breakfast
Hmm....which way should we go?
The two kids
Saturday night at the Japanese Restaurant