Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday afternoon hike

Sunday afternoon Kent, Paxton and I went to Monson which was a little town a couple of hundred years ago but now is just cellar holes and walking trails. Lots of nice fields and trails in the woods.

Standing by an old cellar hole
Nice flowers
Walking down the trail
Taking a break
Chillin' with Grampa

Calista's Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon we went over to Duane and Andrea's for Calista's 5th Birthday party.
Opening presents
Ready for cake
Kids hunting for eggs filled with "princess jewels"
Duane and Paxton

Paxton's 4th Birthday

Friday night we celebrated Paxton's birthday. We had the party out in the garage.
Pre Party
Ready to party!!
People eating
Kids piled up on the slide
Ready to open presents
The crowd
Brody ready to go four wheelin'
Singing Happy Birthday
Boys will be boys!!!
Attacking the pinata
Mad scramble for the candy!!
Trying out my new bike on Saturday

Friday Morning - September 28th

They had a little party for Paxton's birthday in his class at preschool.
Singing happy birthday
Kids in his class

Monday, September 24, 2007

Picking Pumpkins

Paxton and Johanna went to help pick pumpkins for the upcoming Pumpkin Festival with a bunch of the other local kids and their moms.
Braden, Paxton and Brody
Pickin' in the patch
All the kids lined up with their pumpkins
One DIRTY boy!!
Dirty and Happy
Molly Miles with her pumpkin

Sunday Afternoon - September 23rd

Sunday afternoon was soon nice outside so we took a hike up the powerlines and through some trails in the woods with Brad, Ellie, Ava and Kent. The kids had a great time and expended a lot of energy!! We had to check out the rock stacks Paxton and I have been making in the powerlines.
First rock stack
Second rock stack
Third stack
Fourth stack
Kids sitting on a log along the trail
Kids leading the way down the trail

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night - September 21st

Friday evening we went down to Kevin and Jody's to celebrate Braden's 5th Birthday.
Da Boys eating supper
The girls and Garret
Braden with his presents
With his birthday cake
All the kids!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday afternoon

Paxton and I went for a hike up the power lines next to our house on Sunday after lunch. Then later in the afternoon Ellie and Ava rode their bikes up to play outside with Paxton. Then Paxton got his fourwheeler out and the kids had fun riding it around the circle again and again and again and ......

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday - September 15th

Wrestling with daddy

Friday Night

Braden called on friday night to see if Paxton could come down for a sleepover. Breanna had Ellie and Ava sleepover. Paxton was really excited and grabbed his blanket and pillow right away and was ready to go!! Sounds like they had a good time.
Some new teeth (lollipop) that he got at school
Ready to go to Braden's