Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Weekend Project

We have been looking for a new mirror for the kid's bathroom and couldn't find one that was just the right size, look and price, so....... why not buy a piece of mirror and make a frame??? So that is what we did.
Ready to be painted
All finished

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Paxton Loses First Tooth!!

We met Mom and Dad for supper tonight and just when we started eating, Paxton's tooth fell right out. He was very excited to lose his first tooth. Now to see if the sneaky toothfairy will leave him anything tonight. ;-)

Snow Day

This last tuesday Paxton didn't have school because of a teacher workshop. They wouldn't probably have had school anyway because of the snow that we got. Ellie and Ava spent most of the day at our house and the kids had fun playing outside in the afternoon.

Weekend Project

Last weekend I decided to make a bookcase that would fit between the kids beds in their room. So I used mostly scap wood I had in the basement. It is now in place and full of books!! It was a fun little project and a good way to use up some wood.
This is what I started with.
All assembled and ready to be sanded and painted.
All finished!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Trip to North Carolina for the Holidays

We left Thursday Christmas Eve day at 5:20am and drove all day down to NC and arrived there at 8:20pm. It took a little longer than normal because Shaelyn got car sick, which was a pleasant experience, NOT!! I ended up pitching her old car seat in a dumpster and buying a new one. Her old seat had already gone through three kids so I didn't feel to bad about parting with it. The rest of the trip down was uneventful. We stayed with Johanna's parents while we were down there. We took a day trip down towards Charlotte to see some of Johanna's relatives and also stopped in at Matt and Christina's place for a couple of hours. It was nice to see everyone again.
Playing some steet hockey with Matt, Shannon, Paxton and I
Playing some mini golf
Paxton with Karra and Tama
Paxton and Patrick playing Chinese Checkers on News Years Eve
Shaelyn playing with an old cell phone. She loves to talk on the phone!!
Phoenix, Paxton and Shaelyn
Phoenix and Shaelyn giving each other kisses
The Pipgras'
Family Picture
Mel and Rudonna - Thanks for everything!!