Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Little Pat's Fan

Loyal Tom Brady fan!! Go Patriots!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some Sunday pictures...

Went to Mom and Dad's for lunch today with Brad and Shelley's family. Here are a couple of pictures of the kids.

Gained some sympathy weight for Johanna

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bella's Birthday Party

Last night was Bella's birthday party at the Children's Museum in Portsmouth, NH. It was after hours so the kids had the run of the place to themselves. They loved it!! A great place for a birthday!!
Weston & Jen
Ellie & Ava face painting
Cuyler & Molly playing
Paxton at the Thomas the Tank Engine table
Shelby face painting
Very excited
Kids eating pizza
Brody's cat
Liam at the post office
Paxton the Postmaster
Happy Birthday Bella!
Standing around
More people
Opening presents

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Activities

Saturday we went to Hampshire Hills Sports & Fitness Club again for another birthday party. This one was for a girl in Paxton's pre-school class. It lasted from 12-3pm. They had pizza and cake, then played somes games and then went swimming from 2-3pm. So that was a lot of fun. Braden & Jody deGroot were there too. Then later in the afternoon Paxton and I went down to Brad & Shelley's to do a little bit of sledding. Brad and Ellie and Ava were out there also. For supper we went to Brad and Shelley's with Kevin and Jody and their kids to celebrate Johanna's birthday. Sunday we went to Corey and Jananne's for lunch. Auntie Bea was there also. Paxton had a good time playing with Brooke and Garret.
Singing Happy Birthday
Helping Mommy blow out the candles
Playing Lincoln Logs with Garret
Gingerbread house that Jananne made that looks like their house!!!
Paxton and Brooke laying by the fire

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Colby's Birthday

Tonight we went down to Hampshire Hills Sports & Fitness club to celebrate Colby's 3rd birthday. The kids went swimming, then ate cake and then Colby opened his presents. Fun time on a COLD evening. The outside temperature reading in the car on the way home said 2 degrees!!!
Paxton and I in the pool
Kids in the pool
Duane and Shilo
Molly, Colby and Jobe
Singing Happy Birthday
Opening presents

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

This morning Paxton rode with Grampa in the tractor with the snowblower on the back to clean up the edges of the driveway before the next snow storm. Then it started snowing around 11am and snowed all day. We went down to Brad and Shelley's for a Southern lunch with her parents and her brother Mark, his wife Lauren and son Will. Then some of us went snowshoeing while the kids went sledding. It was a nice winter wonderland kind of day.
Blowing some snow with Grampa
This thing will throw some snow!!
Will, Ava and Paxton. Picture taken by Ellie

New Year's Eve!!!

Paxton and I did some sledding behind our house after lunch and then we went down to Brad and Shelley's to do some more sledding later in the afternoon. Then we all went to Kevin and Jody's for supper, more sledding and to ring in the New Year. Lots of fun. I think the adults had more fun sledding than the kids did!! As the night progressed the guys were trying to find more and more creative ways of sledding down the hill. Tubes and sleds weren't cutting it anymore. Kevin happened to have this heavy roll of plastic that had to be about 8-10 feet long and about the same thickness has one of those thin plastic sleds. We piled anywhere from 3-5 guys on it and rode it down their hill. Closest thing to a roller coaster ride you could get sledding. It was an AWESOME ride!! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or video of that. Lots of fun and sore bodies!!
Found a tube in the basement that we got last year and had never used, it got a lot of use this time
Video of me taking out Paxton with the tube
King of the snow pile
Daddy, what are you doing up there?
Grampa(Kent) and Ellie coming down the chute
Looking up the chute. This is only about a quarter of it, it goes around the corner behind their house and then down over another hill!!
Video of Grampa and Paxton coming down
Paxton coming down
Video taken during ride down the chute, it is a little choppy, sorry. We only went about halfway down the total run
The ladies playing Cranium
Some of the others relaxing
Will Gary, Braden and Paxton on the couch
Some of the girls playing in Breanna's room
Some people starting to get tired
Still playing Cranium
Too much FUN!!!