Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School!!

Today was Paxton's first day of 1st grade. He was so excited. He rides the bus with Ellie and Ava and then Breanna and Braden get on the same bus as well. Shaelyn wasn't very happy when the bus pulled away. She is really going to miss her big brother when he is at school.
Ready to go to school
The whole family
Ellie, Ava and Paxton
Shaelyn with the school kids
Shaelyn giving Ava goodbye hugs
Ellie's turn
And a hug for big brother
Here comes the bus!!
Getting on the bus
Shaelyn not very happy that the kids left

Saturday Evening

Last Saturday evening we met up with some of the Berwaldts and Christina and Phoenix at the Burlington Mall for supper. Shaelyn enjoyed seeing Phoenix again.
Phoenix and Shaelyn
Paxton and Christina


Last Friday afternoon we went to play some mini golf before Paxton started back to school. It was a nice afternoon weather wise and a fun time. Paxton even got two holes in one!! Afterwards we went to Bravo's for pizza and some games at their Fun Center.
Shaelyn enjoying the day
Hole in ONE!!!
Lining up a shot
Shaelyn having a turn

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday Evening

Last evening we went down to Carl and Ester's to see Jason and Amanda and their kids for supper and the evening. It was nice to see them again and the kids had a good time playing together.
Shaelyn and Brooklyn
Madison, Anna, Carter and Paxton
Jason guarding the ice cream
Playing with Play-doh

Blakemore's Camp

Friday afternoon we went up to the Blakemore's camp in Greenfield. Richard and Nancy, Mark and Sara and their kids, Brian and Mindi and their kids, Auntie Bea, and Eric and Lori were there. The kids had a great time playing in the "hot tub" and swimming in the lake. There was some woodland golf and bocci ball played as well. After dinner they had a nice little fire outside. Jody and her kids and Janice and her kids came after supper and camped in their tents up there that night. It was fun to be together and enjoy the lake.
Kids in the hot tub
Enjoying some eats before supper
Kids playing down by the water
Beginning the bocci ball game
Some intense concentration
Lori looking at a book with Shaelyn
Conner and Paxton in the lake
Nice little camp fire

Convention Time

We had Matt, Christina and Phoenix, Karra, Jack and Steve and Debbie stay with us during convention this year. Sunday evening after convention we had a bunch of people up to the house for pizza before everyone headed home.

Shaelyn and Will on the couch

Al, Stephanie, Rebekah and Claude

Paxton and Blake

Some of the people
The ladies table
The Turners and Wellein's
Shaelyn and Phoenix

Saturday Fun before Convention

The Saturday before convention we spent part of the day down at Mom and Dad's pool the Brad and Shelley's family, The Howes, Jacobs and Timms. It was a nice sunny day and the kids AND adults (some acted like kids :) ) had a great time enjoying the pool and sun.
Ellie and Shaelyn in the pool
Dave and Jackson going off the diving board
Claude tossing Paxton in the pool
Action shot

Shaelyn getting a dunking in the poolNoodle WAR!!Attempting a dive, executing a nice bellyflopA little bit betterPaxton attempting a flip

After Work Day Cookout

After the second work day at Milford, back in the middle of July, we went to Leighton and Judy's for a cookout. There was lots of food and horse shoes, volleyball and a little basketball. A good way to finish off a productive day.
Throwing the football back and forth
Some volleyball
Some intense basketball
Paxton the spectator